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Phone: 360.249.4151

Take the “BRADY” Exit off Hwy #12 onto the Monte-Brady Road and turn north (left if you are heading east, and right if you are heading west). *Note: if you are heading east towards Elma, it is the 2nd Monte-Brady Road exit. Do not take the 1st exit that is near a company called
Slash Busters. Just continue driving on Hwy #12 past the Weigh Station on your right, and take the “BRADY” exit. (It is also the turnoff where the Brady Fire Dept and Brady Veterinary Hospital are located).

About 500 feet after taking the exit you will cross the railroad tracks and see the 1st of 4 directional signs. This 1st sign is on the right showing you to continue straight (north). At the intersection 300 feet ahead is another smaller sign near the Brady Food Mart Store, once again directing you to continue straight.

Proceed straight, onto the Middle Satsop Road for 3.2 miles.

*Note: You will drive past beautiful crop fields, the Hedlund’s Christmas Tree Farm and the Satsop River boat launch, all on your right. Next you will see a fork in the road where I have a large bill-board size sign indicating to turn left onto the West Satsop Road.
*Note: Do not cross the river and the concrete bridge—the Satsop River always stays on your right.

Take this left turn onto the West Satsop Road and continue driving.
3.5 miles…please enjoy the scenic country drive.
Many times deer and a large herd of elk are in the fields on the right.

Our address is 1121 West Satsop Road. Look for the “WELCOME” sign at the white mailbox and turn left into our driveway at the barn.
Our beautiful cat boarding facility is up the driveway near our house.