Welcome to The Country Inn For Cats

Welcome to The Country Inn For Cats

Cozy Cat Boarding in Montesano, WA

The Country Inn For Cats provides comfortable, caring, quiet, and safe boarding options for cats. As the only boarding facility in the Grays Harbor and Pacific County area that exclusively boards cats, our space is designed for total cat care. We offer felines a relaxing, home-like experience in a country setting that is quiet and peaceful.

Our facility is equipped to board up to 30 cats and offers a full range of amenities. We promise to take excellent care of your cat, and treat them with kindness and love. Kendall and Jason, owners, live on premise, so they are able to offer constant, consistent care for each cat. The Country Inn For Cats provides affordable, short-term and long-term boarding options to our clients.

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About Our Facility & Owner

My husband, myself and our two daughters, ages 6 years old and 2.5 years old, have purchased the beautiful 6 acre property where “The Country Inn For Cats ” was founded in 2005 by my parents. They have officially retired as of June 2023.
Our boarding facility is designed to provide a quiet, safe, home-like environment- exclusively for cats! Many of our feline friends do not do well with the stress of the noisy environments that are found in mixed species kennels. Our ‘cat house’ is located on our property, a mere 150 feet from our home. Although our daily average is 10 to 15 cats, we are able to care for up to 30 cats- which has proven necessary on more than one occasion during the busy traveling and holiday seasons.
Growing up on a farm I found my love and devotion to animals, and especially to cats. As an adult I am very involved in animal rescue, rehabilitation and fostering, and have extensive knowledge and experience caring for animals who require special medical attention and am able to quickly recognize an animal in distress.
I have worked alongside my mom and dad throughout the years and have full confidence that I will continue to provide your beloved cats the 5 star care that you (and they) have received from my parents over the years.
Additionally, we are a proud military family and as of June 1, 2023 we offer a military discount. My husband retired after 20 years of active duty in the military and is now a Sheriff’s Deputy for the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Department.
Just a friendly reminder that we schedule our appointments in 15 minute intervals. This time reservation is important so that we are able to devote a reserved amount of time to each individual client, and to ensure that we have accurate feeding and prescription(s) instructions. This also gives time for our cat clients and their owners to feel comfortable with the transition. I am a very busy mama and want to ensure that your time and mine is respected, so I ask that you please keep us updated on changes to your appointment times. I can be contacted via text or phone call at (360)581-2033.
Thank you all for your continued business. Please contact me directly if you have any questions!
We can’t wait to meet you and your cat!

– Kendall

For more information about our boarding services for cats, our amenities, or to schedule a pre-boarding visit, please contact us today at 360.581.2033 . We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you and your cat!

“We have been bringing our four cats to The Country Inn For Cats for sometime now, over two years. We never worry when we leave them knowing they will be well taken care of. Sue and Bob are friendly to us, and our cats enjoy being at The Country Cat Inn. Our cats Winston, Charles, Alma and Myra are regulars at The Country Cat Inn. We would highly recommend this place for cat boarding.”

“Fantastic owner and wonderful care for my two cats during an extended vacation. Thank you very much!”

“My cat Moonshine had never been boarded, but we were afraid to take her traveling for 9 months in an RV for the first time. She was six, and had very firm opinions. She immediately settled in at The Country Inn For Cats and took over, twisting everyone around her little paw. She was spoiled beyond description, and never once wrote us. Moonshine was the happiest cat on earth, coddled and cosseted, loved to the max. An ailment was immediately discovered, treated, and cured, no doubt further spoiling her. This place has everything a cat’s heart could ask for! The very best.”

“Thank you so much taking good care of Craig! That you noticed he wasn’t eating much and took extra care to make sure he was okay and get him to eat shows how much you care and how professional you are. Thanks again!”

“I love this place. I was nervous to board my cat for five days at a place I’ve never boarded before. Upon arrival, the caretakers of the inn made me and my cat feel at ease with leaving him under their watchful care. I even got to tour the facilities and meet the other cats at the inn and watch them set up the cat condo arrangements for my cat. During my trip, I was able to easily receive updates on how my furry friend was doing and was pleased to return to an even more relaxed and calm looking cat than when I left. Thank you so much for this positive experience!”

Cat boarding at The Country Inn For Cats in Harbor County, Washington
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