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Comfortable, Inviting Boarding Services for Cats



Monday thru Saturday:
9:00 am – 11:00 am
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm*

9:00 am – 11:00 am**





$17 per day – 1 cat in a single condo
$15 per day – Each additional cat
$28 per day – 1 cat in a double condo
(for extra large cats, or for very active cats… and also for spoiled cats)


$2 per dose – Administering Medication
$5 per injection – Insulin Injection
$15 – Application of “Advantage” or “Activyl” flea control if cats has not been treated within 30 days prior to boarding.



New Client Forms

Please fill out the New Client Registration Form, New Cat Registration Form and read the Cat Boarding Contract.

(One cat registration form for each cat)


If you have additional questions about our cat boarding services, or would like to schedule a pre-boarding visit or stay for your cat, please contact us today at 360.249.4151 We look forward to meeting you and your cat!


This is a contract between The Country Inn For Cats (also called “facility”) and the cat owner whose signature appears below (herein after called “Owner”)


Transportation to and from The Country Inn For Cats is at the Owner’s risk. All cats are to be transported in an owner-provided, secure carrier. Responsibility of boarding begins once your cat is safely inside our facility and ends when your cat leaves our facility in an owner-provided carrier. We can tag and store your cat carrier. PLEASE, DO NOT CARRY YOUR CAT IN YOUR ARMS!

Owner agrees to pay the rate of $17 per day for boarding one cat, and $15 per day, per cat for any additional cats. However, if boarding for only two days, the rate is $23 per day, per cat. For only one day of boarding the rate is $28 per cat. This offsets the time and costs including litter, laundry & sterilization of each condo for such “short stays”. (Please note: any authorized “after hours” check-in/check-out will be subject to an additional $15 fee).

If enough notice is given for reservations, we also offer a double size “condo” cage with 3 fleece covered shelves at $28 per day for 1 cat or $32 per day for 2 cats from the same home that get along very well. We also offer complimentary nail trims (if the cat is cooperative). We handle the cats often so we really like to offer this service! =^..^=

If medications are given while boarding, an additional medication fee of $2 for each dosage is added. If your cat is diabetic we are trained to correctly administer insulin injections for $5 per day. Medications must be provided by the owner.

Owner agrees to pay for the application of “Advantage” or “Activyl” flea control for $15 if the cat has not been treated within 30 days prior to boarding. We want our facility to remain 100% flea-free and we know you want your cat to return home flea-free, too.

Owner agrees that the cat(s) shall not leave the facility until all charges are paid to The Country Inn For Cats by the Owner or by an Owner’s representative with cash, check, or money order.

By signing this contract and leaving the cats(s) with The Country Inn For Cats, Owner certifies the accuracy of all information given about said cat(s) on the first page of this contract and that the cat has not been exposed to rabies or distemper within a thirty-day period prior to boarding. Owner hereby gives permission to The Country Inn For Cats to obtain vaccine history/records and/or to seek any and all medical information needed from the Owner’s veterinarian.

We agree to keep our facility sanitary and properly enclosed. The cat is to be fed regularly and properly and to be housed in clean, safe quarters. The Country Inn For Cats shall exercise care to protect the cat from sickness, injury, and theft. The cat is not to be taken off the premises except by consent of the Owner or at the directions of the Owner’s representative. In case of illness where a cat must be taken to a veterinarian, a staff member of The Country Inn For Cats will transport, for an additional fee . If a cat shows any symptoms of illness such as sneezing or a kitty cold, he/she will be quarantined in a separate premise from the remaining boarding cats. There will be an additional $8 fee per day, per cat for quarantine boarding. Efforts will be made to contact the owner or owner’s representative if a medical condition arises.

If the cat becomes ill or the state of the animal’s health otherwise requires professional attention, The Country Inn For Cats, in its sole discretion, may engage the services of a veterinarian or an administrator of medicine or give otherwise requisite attention to the cat. The expense thereof and all veterinary costs for the cat during the time said cat is in the care of The Country Inn For Cats shall be paid by the owner. Responsibility for harm to the cat that doesn’t result from The Country Inn For Cat’s breech of duty described herein, shall be borne by the Owner.

In the event that the Owner does not return to pick up the cat(s) on the expected date of return, and fails to contact the facility to make arrangements for extended care of the cat(s), the facility reserves the right to make reasonable arrangements for the cat(s) through the Grays Harbor County Sheriff Department or deliver the cat(s) to the facility the county uses for abandoned animals for disposition thereby, per State of Washington Title 16RCW, Chapter 16.54.010, Abandoned Animals.

This contract contains the entire agreement between the parties. The loss of life settlement maximum is $500.00. All terms and conditions of this contract shall be binding on the heirs, administrators, personal representative and assignees of the Owner and The Country Inn For Cats. If any dispute arises under the terms of this agreement, the parties agree to dissolve the dispute to binding arbitration under the rules issued under the American Arbitration Association. The decision of the Arbitrator shall be final.
Any provision in the contract found to be invalid shall have no effect on the validity of the remaining provisions.



Take the “BRADY” Exit off Hwy #12 onto the Monte-Brady Road and turn north (left if you are heading east, and right if you are heading west). *Note: if you are heading east towards Elma, it is the 2nd Monte-Brady Road exit. Do not take the 1st exit that is near a company called
Slash Busters. Just continue driving on Hwy #12 past the Weigh Station on your right, and take the “BRADY” exit. (It is also the turnoff where the Brady Fire Dept and Brady Veterinary Hospital are located).

About 500 feet after taking the exit you will cross the railroad tracks and see the 1st of 4 directional signs. This 1st sign is on the right showing you to continue straight (north). At the intersection 300 feet ahead is another smaller sign near the Brady Food Mart Store, once again directing you to continue straight.

Proceed straight, onto the Middle Satsop Road for 3.2 miles.
*Note: You will drive past beautiful crop fields, the Hedlund’s Christmas Tree Farm and the Satsop River boat launch, all on your right. Next you will see a fork in the road where I have a large bill-board size sign indicating to turn left onto the West Satsop Road.
*Note: Do not cross the river and the concrete bridge—the Satsop River always stays on your right.

Take this left turn onto the West Satsop Road and continue driving.
3.5 miles…please enjoy the scenic country drive.
Many times deer and a large herd of elk are in the fields on the right.

Our address is 1121 West Satsop Road. Look for the “WELCOME” sign at the white mailbox and turn left into our driveway at the barn.
Our beautiful cat boarding facility is up the driveway near our house.


New Client Information

We are always welcoming new clients to our facility, and our hours are by appointment only. Every reservation requires an appointment time, to help us best accommodate our clients. Please call to make arrangements or to schedule your pre-boarding visit. Enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or cocoa while you visit or take it to go.

To ensure the health of your cat and other guests, we require all cats be up-to-date on their vaccinations and flea prevention medication. In addition, we use the same sanitizing products used by veterinary clinics. We are committed to keeping our facility safe and clean.

To make sure your cat receives individualized care, we print their information on a cage card and attach it to the front of their condo. This info includes their feeding instructions, medical information (if applicable), and their personality traits. We keep track of their daily intake of food, water and/or medications and output of urine and stool.

Caring for Cats in Montesano, WA

The Country Inn For Cats was founded in 2005, to provide cat owners with a “cats only” boarding option in Montesano, WA. After working in a local veterinary clinic for 3 years, our owner, Susan Leslie saw a need for a quiet, comfortable, and peaceful boarding option for cats in our area. Our facility is the only boarding center within a 50-mile radius that is exclusively for felines. We are proud to serve clients from across Grays Harbor and Pacific County communities.

Complete, Cozy Cat Boarding Services

Our facility can accommodate up to 32 cats and we provide both short- and long-term boarding options. We provide each cat with kindness and love — we truly care about their health and wellbeing. When you board your cat with us, you can count on them receiving individual attention and care. We provide our guests with a number of amenities including wonderful fleece cat beds, horizontal and vertical scratching posts, complimentary nail trims and brushings, deep windowsills for countryside viewing, and a separate playroom.

“Our cat was cared for in a warm loving environment at the Country Inn For Cats. And the best thing for us was that he learned to use a litter box there! He’d been raised in a barn and didn’t know what it was. Now he uses it all the time!”

“The folks here really love cats! I trust them completely with my kitty.”

“Always convenient and easy to leave my cat here. My cat has always been well taken care of and we especially enjoy the complimentary nail trimming!”

Cat Only Boarding in Montesano, WA
Cat Only Boarding in Montesano, WA